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T Saturday, October 25, 2014

How To Change Labels Of Multiple Posts At Once In Blogger

How to change labels of many posts at once in blogger

While writing a post in blogger it is labeled or categorized by clicking on labels on right side of the post editor and that label appears in the blog also but sometimes people write many posts having same label and later want to change label of these post. And for that they open each post one by one and change its label which is not only a hard work but also a time consuming work in case of more than 50 posts.

So I found a solution for that now you can change or add label to many posts at once and save your energy and time. Its very easy to change the labels of all posts at once, to change your posts label follow below steps:

  • First of all go to blogger log-in to your account and open your blog.
  • Now go to posts section and select the label of the post which you want to replace with other label or want to add a new label to older posts as shown in below image:

How to change labels of many posts at once in blogger
  • After selecting the desired label select all posts of the label and click on the label selected posts as shown in below image:

How to change labels of many posts at once in blogger

  • Click on the labels name which you selected and want to remove it or if you want to add a new label click on New label and write your label name and click ok. For example I want to change the label beginner to blogger to blogging or want to remove it then I have to select the beginner to blogging label first as shown in second step then I have to select all the post of beginner to blogging label, now if I want to remove it I have to click the same label(beginner to blogging) and if I wish to add a new label I have to click on new label, write my label and hit ok button.
  • Congratulations! you have done successfully.
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