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Email Subscription Widget With Follow Buttons For Blogger

Email subscription widget with Follow buttons for blogger

We know that E-mail subscribers are very important for bloggers and webmasters. Those blogs having many subscribers have a high traffic rate also but its not easy to get subscribers. Many people add op-up Email subscription gadgets to their blogs also so that they could get subscribers. Although you can get an Email subscription widget from feedburner or directly add it in blogger but it doesn't help you to get many subscribers as sometimes those who aren't aware of subscription they don't know how to subscribe so I brought a widget which is very popular and used in many blogs. This widget has social follow buttons and follow buttons also(all in one widget) which lets visitors to follow your blog on social networks.

You can see a screenshot of this widget below. It looks very cool and is very easy to add in blog. To add this widget to your blog follow some easy steps mentioned below:

email subscription widget for blogger
Step 1: Go to Blogger Dashboard and select Layout.

Step 2: In the Layout page click on add a gadget and scroll down the pop-up menu to Html/javascript and click it.

Step 3: Copy the below code and paste it in the Html/javascript window.

Step 4: Replace links of social pages with your own pages in the below piece of code

Step 5: Click on save and you are done!


May be you like to change color or some text in this widget so here I will tell you how can you customize this widget, you can customize below things in this widget:
  1. First of all replace the social links with your own social pages, you can find social links by finding yourpage in wordpress or notepad as I have added yourpage tag to every social link e.g Facebook, twitter, rss feed, Google+ profile but you don't need to customize g+1 button as it works automatically.
  2. After replacing page you can customize color of widget such as the top background color you can customize it by replacing code of color in background: #eaeaea; the default color which you can see in the image is #eaeaea.
  3. You can also customize width and color of borders by making changes in border:1px solid #dcdcdc.
  4. You can also change size and family of text and also statements.
  5. You can also change height and width of the widget.
Final words:

Don't customize the widget if you don't have knowledge about css because their are different code for every thing in this widget for example background color of box, Email, icons, buttons etc. If you have no knowledge about css but still try to customize it then may be this widget stop working.I hope you like this widget, you can read more posts below. Follow by E-mail to get latest news about blogger widget in your inbox.

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