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Content Slider Widget For Blogger

Content slider widget for blogger

Last time I shared a related posts widget with you which helps in seo and increasing blog traffic, today I am sharing a content slider widget which slides your posts one by one. It is also helpful in increasing blog traffic you can see it in my blog on right side of the blog. This widget works on Css and jquery.
You can see its features below:


This is a very important and attractive widget, it has many features such as:

  • Its free of cost you don't need to pay for it.
  • It works automatically, you don't need to add each post it will get posts of your blog by itself and show it in random break.
  • It is very attractive and responsive.
  • You can adjust number of posts in this widget.
  • It is very easy to add this widget(don't need to add many codes).
  • It doesn't slow down your blog because it doesn't contain any javascript code.
Better than other content sliders:

This widget is better than other content sliders. You can find a number of content sliders on search engines but most of them are difficult to add and also requires hard work to update because you have to add posts links and images and it becomes more difficult when you have a large content. So this widget is much better than other content sliders because of several reasons such as you don't need to update it by adding image of each post and link, secondly it is attractive, you can show a number posts by just changing number of posts, no need to register account, it doesn't effect you blog speed, it is very easy to add it and so one, you can see its features above.

How to add content slider to blog:

As I told that its very easy to add this widget to your blog, you don't need to add number of codes in template and registration. To add this widget to your blog just follow some simple steps mention below:
  • Go to Blogger Dashboard.
  • Select Layout and click on add a gadget.
  • When you click add a gadget a small window will open showing gadgets, scroll it down and find Html/javascript and click it.
  • Get code of widget below and paste it in the Html/javascript, also give a title to this widget such as you may also like, also see, don't miss, recommended or anything else.

  • Replace with link of your blog in the last of the code.
  • After following above steps click save and you are done successfully, open your blog to see content slider.

If you read my blog posts then you must know that I share customization tricks also with every widget I share similarly in this post I will share customization points also, you can customize following things in this widget:
  • I have set number of posts to 20 posts, it means that this widget will slide 20 recent posts by equal interval of time, to change number of posts change  Maxpost:20 to number of posts which you want to show.
  • The default images size is 300 to change it replace 300 in ImageSize:300 with your own choice.
  • This widget slides posts automatically, to turn of automatic slide change true with false in autoplay:true in last lines of the code.
  • To change time of sliding posts change 5000 with your own choice in interval:5000.
You can customize this widget more such as adjusting image size, images position, color, hover effect, font size but don't do it unless you know css, if you don't have knowledge about css but still try to customize it then may be this widget stop working.

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  1. Have looked at over a dozen HTML/Script random post widgets. This one works right and has features and visual action that surpassed the others.

    1. I am glad it works, thanks for your feedback. Please share our. work with others :)

  2. Strangely, while it is still great in many browsers, it is not visible, in Internet Explore 11. Has to be an IE problem.

    1. Yes it might be outdated but in other browsers it works perfectly.


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