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How To Create/Write A Post In Blogger

101helper tutorials for bloggers

Every beginner doesn't know how to create his first post but its very easy to create post in blogger. You don't need any Html knowledge for creating a post all you need is the ability of writing good posts. In Blogger some tools are provided which helps you to create your post easily in the way you like. You can find these tools on the top of the editing page or writing post page. These tools include a compose or html tabs, compose tab is the tab in which you write your post while html tab is that tab which helps you to add any html code in your post for example adding ads, a slideshow, embed box and so on.
Other tools include font family, font size, heading or sub heading tool, bold text button, italic text button, underline text button, text color selector, text background color selector, link adder or remover, image inserting tool, video inserting tool, jump break inserting tool(which helps you to let users read only that text which you want and for more they have to click read more option), text alignment tool, number list or bullet list(shows text in list form), quote inserting tool and spelling checker. In this post I will tell you how to write a post, functions of tools are explained in this paragraph, so follow the below steps to write your first post:

(1). Go to your blog and click on new post button.

101helper tutorials for bloggers

(2). Enter the title of the post first on the top of the page.

(3). Write the post in Compose tab of the editing page. If you want to add any html code switch to html tab by clicking it.

(4). Use the tools provided above editing page to write your post. Functions of tools are shown in below image:

101helper tutorials for bloggers

(5). Give a label or category name to you post on the right hand of the editing page.

(6). Create permalink of every post for traffic.

(7). Write a brief description of the post in search description option on the right hand of the page.

(8). After writing your post click publish on the top of the page to publish your post on blog.

Congratulations you have learn't how to write post in blogger. Thanks for visiting 101helper. Share this post and help others. Follow and subscribe to get latest updates.

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