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How To Create Fade Out Effect In Blogger Images

How to create fade out effect in images in blogger

I have shared many tricks about blogging, today I am back with a new trick. In this post you will learn how to create fade out effect in post images in blogger. This effect can be easily created by css. Css can create many effects such as images zoom in or zoom out on hover, images black out on hover etc but a very common effect in css is fade out effect which shows image by fading it on mouse hover.
Making you blog post images fade on mouse hover is a very easy trick, I saw many bloggers asking for fading effect in a website comments so I thought I should share this post for those who want to do this trick. This is a very amazing effect so I also tried it in my blog, it makes blog stylish. To see fade out effect demo hover any image on my blog. If you like this effect and want to add it to your blog follow below steps:

(1). Go to and log-in to your blogger account.

(2). Go to Template and click customize, on the customization page select Advanced and scroll down to add css option.

(3). Copy and paste the below code in the Add css tab:

//Image fade out effect by
.post img {
    transition: opacity .25s; 
    opacity: 1;

.post img:hover{
    opacity: 0.4;
//Image fade out effect by

(4). Click Apply to blog on the top-right of the customization page, wait for the template to save and open your blog to see this cool effect.

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