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How To Backup Blogger Blog

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Whats is backup?

Backup means to restore all the settings to the previous settings.  Backup helps you to restore all the settings of your blog to previous settings and also restore all your blog posts and pages along with comments. It also restore all the gadgets and widgets which you add to your blog.

Why do I need backup?

You need to have a backup file of your blog because sometimes unexpected things happen. For example if you erase any part of code in your blog template and save it or delete a post by mistake or delete a gadget and wish to restore it then for this purpose you need a backup file of your blog.

How do I download backup file of my blog and restore it?

Its very easy to backup your blog. Blogger provides the backup file in XML format in kilobytes(KBs), so its very easy to download it and it doesn't get a huge space on your disk. Follow the below steps to download backup of your blog and learn how to restore your blog:

(1). Go to blogger and log-in to your blog.

(2). Go to template and on the top-right of the page click backup/restore, a pop-up will open as shown in below image.

101Helper tutorials for beginners to blogging

(3). Click Download full template to download your blog template.

(4). Save the file and you are done!

How to restore my blog using backup file?

To restore your blog follow the below steps:

(1). Go to your blog and click Template.

(2). Now click backup/restore  on the top-right of the template page.

(3). Click choose file and select the backup file which you downloaded.

(4). Click upload and you are done!

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