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T Thursday, September 11, 2014

How To Add Or Remove Gadgets In Blogger

101Helper tutorials for beginners to blogging

How To Add Gadgets In Blogger?

As a new blogger adding a gadget to blogger is difficult. But after reading this post you will learn that its very easy to add a gadget to your blog, you can add many gadgets provided by blogger such as 1+ button, popular post widget, followers, widget, contact widget, blog states widget etc except these widgets you can also custom widgets to your blog but  for this purpose you need a javascript or html code of that widget.
Follow the below steps to learn how to add a widget to your blog either blogger provided or custom widget:

(1). Go to blogger and login to your account.

(2). Go to layout and click add a gadget a pop-up window will open select a widget which you want to add but if you want to add a custom(own) widget follow step 3.

101Helper tutorials for beginners to blogging

(3). To add a custom(own) widget scroll down the page and click Javascript/HTML, paste the code of gadget which you want to add and click save.

101Helper tutorials for beginners to blogging

(4). Click save arrangement and you are done, open your blog to see the gadget.

How To Remove A Gadget In Blogger?

Removing a gadget is much easier than adding a gadget in blogger. To remove a gadget follow the below steps:

(1). Go to your blog.

(2). Click layout and click Edit below the gadget which you want to remove as shown in below image.

101Helper tutorials for beginners to blogging

(3). Click remove and you are done!

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