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How To Add Music Player Gadget In Blogger

101Helper gadgets for blogger

Previously I shared a gadget which represents welcome message on your blog to welcome visitors, in this post 101Helper brought a new gadget for those who love music and want to add a music player to their blog. This gadget lets you to share as many songs as you want( upload unlimited songs) and let your visitors to enjoy songs while surfing your blog. This gadget is made by podsnack.
Podsnack is a music playlist maker that allows you to share songs in 3 simple steps:
  1. Add your music to your playlist.
  2. Customize your music player to your tastes.
  3. Get HTML code of your music player and add it to your blog or website.
Its very easy to create playlist with podsnack and you don't need any hosting place to host your songs because podsnack will host your mp3 files and enable you to add music playlist to your blog or website or social networking page for free.  

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  • Upload unlimited songs to your music player.
  • Customize your play list.
  • Share songs on your blog by add music player.
  • More than 10 music player skins.
  • Free and easy to use.
  • Embed music player.

101Helper gadgets for blogger

How it works?

When you upload songs to your podsnack account your music player adds them to your playlist and can be played easily by clicking play, You can add songs to playlist from Youtube, Dropbox or directly from your computer(for premium users) and also delete songs from playlist.

How to add music player to blog?

Its very easy to add a music player to your blog, for this purpose you need to follow below steps and create an account at podsnack:

(1). Go to Podsnack and create an account.

(2). Login to your account, create a playlist and customize your player skin and other options.

Note: If you are not a premium user then use Youtube or Dropbox option to add songs and if youtube is band in your country then use Dropbox because adding music by proxy website will not work as music is played embed.

(3). After creating playlist and customizing your music player go to my podsnack  and click Embed  below playlist and click use for free option to get the code of your music player

(4). Copy the code and go to blogger dashboard.

(5). Click Layout and add a gadget.

(6). Paste the copied code and click  save 

(7). Open your blog to see your music player.


When you copy embed code of your music player you can customize width and height of player and also allow or disallow full screen by replacing true with false or false with true. To allow full screen replace true with false and to disallow full screen replace false with true as shown below:
<iframe style-"border:none" src="" width="145" height="158" allowfullscreen="true" mozallowfullscreen="true" webitallowfullscreen="true"></iframe>

I hope this gadget is useful for you, share your opinion, suggestions and experience by leaving comment below, follow and subscribe o get let updates about new gadgets in your inbox.

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  1. Not Free! the Free player only allowed 5 songs in the playlist... don't try a Free player, its a business promotion.

    1. Is it so? ok thanks for feedback I will share a free mp3 player someday meanwhile you can use Soundcloud


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