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How To Add An Animated Welcome Message In Blogger

101Helper gadgets for blogger

If you wish to welcome every visitor to your blog then this is perfect widget for you. This widget conveys your message to every visitor, it is animated and it flows your message from left to right. You can customize the color of your message also.
It is very easy to get this widget. You can get this widget from but if you don't understand how to get this widget then follow the below steps to add it to your blog:

101Helper gadgets for blogger

(1). Go to blogger and login to your account.

(2). Click Layout and add a gadget.

(3). Copy and paste the below code in add a gadget tab.

<script src=" to 101Helper &adult=0&cat=informatique&big=big&cl=blue&idec=2943278801"></script><br />

(4). Save the gadget.

  • To change the color of message replace blue with name of color, available colors are blue,red,white,gray,green,purple,orange,pink,cyan,maroon,magenta and yellow.
  • To change the message replace Welcome to 101Helper with your message.
Thanks for visiting 101Helper. 

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