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    How To Get Code Of A Color?

    How to get the color code of a color? | 101Helper

    While writing a code in html, css, js(javascript) we use names of different colors to show colors in tabs, backgrounds, font colors etc. For example if you want your text color blue you will write font-color="blue" similarly "red" for red, "black" for black  but if you want a specific color you have to specify it by writing code of that color which you want your text to be.
    You can find a simple color picker in windows own paint, it picks the color from an image but it doesn't give you the code of that color. It means you need some professional tools to get the code of a specific color. You don't need to download any kind of software to pick the color and give you code, you can do it easily online. Lets begin! 

    How to get color code from an image:

    (1). Choose the image having color of which you want to get the code.

    (2). Go to http://pixlr.com/editor which is a similar online tool like adobe photoshop, when the website opens click Open an image from computer select the image which you have chosen  and the image will upload automatically. see in below image:

    (3). Use the color picker from tools to pick the color from image and get the code. See in below image:

    How to get color code of a color? | 101Helper

    (4). Get the code of the color from the box as show in above image. All is done! now you can use the code to specify a color.

    You can use the code in editing the colors of any gadget or in html of post either for changing the text color, background color or anywhere else.

    How to get color code from color picker:

    (1). Go to http://www.colorpicker.com

    (2). Choose your color in color box and copy code of the color.

    (3). Add # before the color code otherwise code will not work.

    I hope this was helpful and easy for you, I don't think you will have any problem related to it but if you have any problem ask me in comments.

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