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    How To Create Google+ Page And Connect It To Blogger

    How To Create Google+ Page And connect It To Blogger

    As social profiles are considered very important for a blog's promotion therefore every blog should create social pages as initial step of promotion. Social profiles which a blog must have for promotion are Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Especially Google+ page must be created for blogger blogs because when a post is published in blogger it is shared through Google+ page or profile automatically. In other words it could be rightly said that Google+ page is the most important social profile for a blogger blog. 

    It doesn't end with creating a Google+ page but also after creating a Google+ you must associate/connect it with your blog in order to tell Google that certain page is created for your blog and it is social profile of your blog. 

    Hence in this post I will teach you how to create a Google+ page and associate it with your blogger blog. We will start from creating a Google+ page and then we will connect it with blogger. 

    How To Create Google+ Page?

    Follow below steps to create your Google+ page for your blog.

    Step 1: Login to your blogger account and go to Google Plus.

    Step 2: Hove the menu to see options. As shown in below image.

    How to create google plus page

    Step 3: Click on pages.

    How to create google plus page 101helper

    Step 4: Click on Get Your Page.

    Step 5: Choose Brand as your business type.

    Step 6: Type name of your page, web address of your site. select type of your page, check I agree to the Pages Terms.... and click on Create Page.

    Create a google+ page

    Congratulations! your Google+ page is created. Now its time to connect it with your blog. So follow below steps:

    How To Connect Blogger Blog With Google+ Page:

    Step 1: Go to blogger dashboard and navigate to Google+.


    Step 2: Click on the page which you created to connect it with your blog.


    Its done! you can enable some more settings like:

    (1). Automatically share after posting
    (2). Prompt to share after posting.
    (3). Use Google+ comments on this blog.

    If you wish to enable any one of the above mentioned option then just check it and you are done.

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