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Vertical Related Posts Widget For Blogger Desktop And Mobile Site

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When a visitor reads your post and finds it helpful, he likes to read something more in your blog. And then recommendation bar or related posts widget helps him to read a similar post which helps in increasing your blog page views and he gets more posts to read.

Recommendation bar makes your blog looks good too because it is a part of a good blog design. In my previous post I told you about how to add smooth responsive social sharing buttons to blog, this post is similar to that post because I used the same online tools which are to be used in this post. These tools are powered by Addthis which is a company that provides social media buttons and recommended posts tools. So Addthis is a great service for bloggers which have a number of benefits, so all bloggers should use Addthis. In this post I am going to show you how to install a vertical related post widget in blogger because you can find horizontal posts widget in every website but vertical related posts widget is only available to Addthis users.

In this post I will show you how to install vertical related posts widget in blogger, you can also add it in your blog's mobile site so I will also show you how to enable it for mobile.

Follow below steps to install verticle related posts widget in blogger.

How To Install Vertical Related Posts Widget In Blogger Desktop Site?

Step 1: Create an Addthis account or Sign in to an existing account.

Step 2: Click on TOOLS in the menu and click on RECOMMENDED CONTENT.

how to add vertical related posts widget in blogger

Step 3: Scroll down and click on VERTICAL RECOMMENDED CONTENT.

how to install vertical related posts widget in blogger

Step 4: Make customizations e.g Title, Theme(color), Number of rows, Number of items in each row and click on ACTIVATE.

vertical related posts widget for blogger

Step 5: Copy the code of related posts widget you just created and head to blogger.

vertical related posts widget for blogger by 101helper

Make sure to add the main(ADDTHIS) code in your template's <head> or </body> region. You can find main ADDTHIS code by clicking on GET THE CODE in the menu.

vertical related posts gadget for blogger

Step 6: Go to layout in blogger and click on add a gadget.

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