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T Monday, August 18, 2014

How To Add "rel=nofollow" To Links In Blogger

How to add rel=nofollow to links in blogger | 101Helper : Blogger tips, blogger tricks, blogger gadgets / widgets, blogger help

Adding rel=nofollow to links in blogger is very essential for seo because it tells robots and crawlers not to follow the external links. If you have read posts about seo before then you must know that rel="nofollow is to be added to external links only because in this way you tell search engine bots not to follow external links. Some bloggers trying to increase their blog's seo makes a mistake while adding nofollow that they add rel="nofollow" to external as well as internal links which is wrong and results in low seo because robots not only stop following external links but also internal links and hence search engines don't show more links from blog.
In previous post(seo tips) I've discussed about adding rel=nofollow to links but I thought may be some bloggers don't know how to do that so I am writing this post to tell you how to do this. But remember to add rel="nofollow" to external links only. Follow the below steps to add rel=nofollow to links:

(1). Go to blogger and login to your account.

(2). Edit or write a new post, and click on link on the top of the post compose window.

(3). A small pop-up window will open asking for text to display and web address, write text first and then put the link of the text after that on the bottom of the window there are two options the first one is for opening link in new tab and the second one is for adding rel="nofollow" attribute check the second option(add "rel=nofollow" attribute).  

(4). After checking the box shown in above image click OK and you are done!

I hope this was helpful to you if you have any problem related to this post ask me in comments or contact me. Thanks for visiting 101Helper. Share this post with others, Follow and subscribe for latest updates.

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