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How To Add Image Tags In Blogger For Seo

Tagging images in blog posts is good for seo. When I was new to blogging I didn't know how to tag images in blog posts. But when I read that its important for seo I learnt how to add tags in images in blogger.
In previous post(seo tips) I've mentioned that adding tags in images helps in better seo so I thought that may be some bloggers don't know that. Here in this post I'm going to show you how to add tags to images so lets start! follow below steps:

(1). Open your post and upload the image in which you wish to add tag.\

(2). Click the image, there will be many options such as large size, small size, X-L size, add caption and properties. Click properties a pop-up window will open as shown in below image.

(4). There are two tabs where you can write the tags, here most of bloggers get confuse where to write the tags?  the first option is title text(its the tag tab) write your tags in title text tab and below it there is alt text tab it means that when some one select the image with mouse it will show the title. Write the same text which you write in title text tab. See the below image:

(5). Click ok to save changes, Add tags to every image of the post for better seo.

I hope this was helpful to you. Share with others. Follow and subscribe for latest updates.

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