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    How To Make Text Transparent In Blogger

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    How to make the text transparent in blogger? You are at right place. Today,I decided to share with you how to make you blog's post text transparent. I have seen many people asking for How to make the text transparent in blogger but most of them are either fake or difficult to follow. Its very easy to make text transparent in blogger.
    You don't need any html or css code to make text transparent. But its not possible to make transparent the whole text of your blog. You can make transparent the text of a single post. You can do it in your windows notepad but I recommend Notepad++ as it is easy to work in Notepadd++ as compared to simple notepad, you can download it from here. After downloading follow the following steps:

    (1). First of all write a post and save it.

    (2). Now edit your post and click on HTML of the post.

    (3). Now click anywhere and  use the combination key Ctrl+A or select the
    whole HTML text and copy it.

    (4). Open Notepad++ and paste the HTML text there.

    (5). Now find the word "white"by using Ctrl+F in your HTML text and replace  it with transparent.

    (6). After replacing white with transparent copy the whole html code and past it in your post's HTML portion.

    (7). Save it and you are nicely done.

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