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How To Change Favicon In Blogger

Favicon is an icon which appears with the name of a site. When you create a blog its icon will be the blogger's icon as it is a sub-domain on blogger. Favicon shows your blog a professional blog.
In this post I'm going to tell you how I changed the favicon of my blog. To change the favicon follow below steps:

(1). First choose a logo or icon which you want to add to your blog.

(2). If you don't have any logo or icon create one at, make sure that the logo or icon you create has a transparent background.

(3). When your logo is ready go to , choose the logo which you designed and resize its width and height to 32/32 because blogger doesn't accept bigger sized favicon.

(4). Download the re-sized image and go to

(5). Login to your account and go to Layout.

(6). At the top of layout page edit Favicon and click on choose file now choose the re-sized image and click on save.

All is ready now view your blog to see your custom favicon. I hope it was helpful if you have any problem ask me in comments.

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